Miracurl SteamTech

  • Brand Name – Babyliss
  • Category – Electrical Products
  • Code – BAB2665SE

Steam technology MiraCurl™SteamTech features an optional steam function. It sets the curl with jets of steam. Steam in hair styling works in much the same way as steam ironing: as the moisture from the steam quickly evaporates because of the heat, the dried curl becomes set. Steam also offers in-depth beauty action and: • Extra-smooth curls. • Extra-shine. For long-lasting result and perfect curl formation. MiraCurl™SteamTech • creates perfect curls every time with infinite possibilities of styles effortlessly. • adjusts heat, time and curl type. • can be used with or without steam. MaxlifePRO™ technology - electronics driven motor Miracurl™ SteamTech features ultra-low vibration, is silent and has a tremendously longer lifespan: up to 10 000 hours! SmartTech® technology, safeguard and energy saver MiraCurl™ SteamTech comes with 3 functions for added safety and energy savings. • Auto Shut Off: If the appliance is switched on for more than 60 minutes continuously, it will automatically switch off. • Sleep Mode: After 20 minutes of idle time, the temperature drops to around 150 °C. • Motion Sensor: It’s only about moving the iron and closing it to trigger the reheat to set temperature. Ceramic technology The MiraCurl™SteamTech features a ceramic curl chamber for smooth curl creation. Reliability, time savings MiraCurl™SteamTech is provided with a powerful heating system for: - Ultra fast heat-up. - Instant recovery to ensure heat stability during use. This is the guarantee of optimum and long-lasting results. Ease MiraCurl™Steamtech, it’s only about placing a section of hair into the product, closing it to allow the hair to be automatically taken into the curl chamber and holding it for a few seconds, listening to the bips, waiting for 4 quick beeps, To reveal effortless, beautiful, free-flowing curls! For in-depth beauty action! Softness and extra-shine! Beautiful results that last longer! Features Precision & control • 3 timer settings with audio beep indicator for different curl effects. • 3 heat settings (190 °C – 210 °C – 230 °C) for long lasting results and possibility to use it on any type of hair. • Curl direction control for either a uniform or natural finish: (Right/Left/ Alternate: if styling the left side or right side of the hair – alternates the direction automatically after each curl). Safety • On/Off switch with on indicator light. • Control of the heating up of the hair section (settings and warning beeps). • Sleep mode after 20 min - Auto shut off after 60 min. • Anti-blocking system. • Additional water tank & cleaning tool included.

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