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by Nectar Beauty 05 May 2024

Yes, men need to look after their skin too. Even if they have a beard! Want to help your man, dad, or brother look after theirs? We’ll reveal 3 fundamental tips. Tell them to take note!

Did you know that men have more sebaceous glands on their skin that are also more active than women’s? That is why they should use specialist products. And yes, having a beard may have the advantage of protecting their skin from external attack. The denser and more voluminous the beard, the better it will do in protecting the skin from external attack by UV rays or other factors that play a part in skin ageing.

Having a beard also reduces skin sensitivity and dryness caused by the wind, pollution or for example, shaving. There are also those who recommend a beard to keep away allergens such as dust and pollen. But although it’s true that men with beards have a natural barrier that protects the skin, the skin below the beard still needs looking after. 

3 essential tips for helping men with beards look after their skin:

  1. Help him identify his skin type

When you talk to your man about “skin type” does he think you’re speaking another language? Oily? Dry? Dehydrated? Without stereotyping, it's important to help them identify their skin type. Dermatologists recommend that both men and women use products adapted for their skin type, because they are all formulated in completely different ways.

  1. Recommend a daily shaving routine

If he shaves around his beard on a daily basis, he should apply a shaving product such as a foam or gel according to his skin type and personal preference as this will help avoid irritation. These products will eliminate the feeling of discomfort from shaving. It is also a good idea to use an aftershave formulated for a regenerating and calming effect. Just what a man needs after a shave!

  1. Remind him that he should moisturize his beard

It is important for men to follow a beauty routine if they want to achieve healthier-looking skin. Whether he needs a moisturising treatment or an anti-ageing treatment, the ideal approach would be to cleanse, tone and moisturise daily, along with a weekly exfoliation. We all know that beards make cleansing and moisturising the face harder, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. The skin under the beard can dry out if we don’t use a moisturiser.

That’s when it flakes and dead skin appears. The fact that this skin is hard to reach complicates matters, which is why careful daily cleansing and regular and intensive moisturizing are essential. It’s also necessary to comb the beard regularly to clean, oxygenate and untangle the hair.

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