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by Nectar Beauty 06 May 2024

Do you wash your face with hot water? Have you noticed that you go red around the eyes after removing your makeup, or that some eyelashes fall out? You may be making some of these mistakes. And we don’t want you to make any!

The first mistake would be not removing makeup and cleansing every day. But we know that because we’ve been so insistent on this in previous articles, we’re sure you’ve been a good student and done your homework. So today, we’ve compiled 5 mistakes that you might be making when removing your makeup and washing your face. Spread the word! 

  1. Washing your face with hot water helps to dissolve water-soluble substances, but if it’s very hot, it could exacerbate the symptoms of sensitive skin. Ideally you should wash your face with lukewarm water, or, remove your makeup with lukewarm water and then rinse with cold water, which will help to tone your skin. 
  2. Excessive scrubbing around the eyes and eyelashes You should remove makeup from these areas very gently. If necessary, use various cotton pads until makeup has completely gone. Jot down our step-by-step guide to correctly removing eye makeup: 

- Apply a good amount of product to a cotton pad (like an eye makeup remover or micellar water). 

- Place over the lid of closed eye for a few seconds.

- Wipe gently downwards, pausing briefly over the eyelashes.

- Repeat 3 times.

- Without opening the eye, place the cotton pad under the eyelashes and wait a few seconds.

- Drag the cotton pad upwards to remove mascara.

- Open the eye and wipe the cotton pad horizontally along the eyelash line, both the upper and the lower line, from the tear duct outwards.

  1. Using the same makeup wipe or cotton pad for both eyes It’s better not to do this as you may transfer bacteria from one eye to the other, causing conjunctivitis or an eye infection. 
  2. Not using specialized products if you have acne, coupe rose, rosacea or eczema If you suffer from a skin condition you should take special care with the products that you use to remove makeup and wash your skin. You shouldn’t be using just anything! For oily skin, with imperfections or acne, there are specially adapted hygiene products that help to improve and balance the skin as well as cleanse it. This will improve the results of your facial care routine and visibly reduce imperfections. If you suffer from coupe rose or rosacea, your skin is very sensitive and so you need to use special products as these conditions are generally exacerbated by friction. In these cases, we mostly recommend products for very sensitive skin, with calming ingredients to help with stinging and redness that can be applied and removed easily to avoid friction. If you have eczema, it’s important to bear in mind the exact cause. If it’s due to contact with a particular substance or an allergy, the first step is to avoid contact with that substance or allergen. In other cases, where eczema is caused by a skin condition, you mostly need to use products for sensitive or very sensitive skin that contain calming ingredients and are applied and removed without subjecting the skin to friction.
  3. Not removing makeup properly from areas such as the neck and eyebrows If you have applied makeup to those areas. Don’t forget to remove it! 

Tell us: Are you making any of these mistakes? Leave a comment and tell us about it! 

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