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How to prevent skin irritation caused by wearing a face mask

by Nectar Beauty 05 May 2024

If your surgical mask or FFP2 mask is irritating your skin, due to the amount of hours you wear it, the secret is to use moisturising creams that protect your skin. Are you looking for a moisturising cream for face mask irritations? Face masks became the most important new accessory in our daily lives, although they have also caused problems that we weren’t prepared for. Eczema, spots, dryness, dermatitis, reddened skin… The skin on your face is suffering from constant friction, this is a particular t case for health professionals,. Thankfully, you can put an end to this by keeping your skin hydrated.

Ideally, you should use a moisturizing cream that is absorbed quickly afterapplying it and start using your face mask as soon as possible to enhance your skin’s natural barrier. We recommend using Facefacts Ceramide Moisturising Body Lotion. Why? It’s unique composition not only hydrates your skin, it also increases your skin’s resistance to aggressive outside factors.

As temperatures start to increase, we also need to take special care because in addition to the effect of chafing, we start to perspire more, causing greater discomfort. That’s why keeping your face hydrated, several times a day, is an essential part of your routine, to avoid your skin becoming irritated on account of friction.

In this article, we’re going to look at a few of the moisturisers that will help to soothe, nourish and strengthen irritated skin caused by wearing a face mask.

Hydrate your skin based on the type of face mask you use

As a mandatory accessory in our daily lives, there is a wide range of mask types with some being more aggressive on your skin than others:

Hydration with a surgical mask

This type of protection serves for 8 hours a day; in other words, you can use it for one day of work at most, causing skin irritation or the sensation of very dry or taut skin. 

Before applying a moisturiser, it is important that you wash your face, and the area behind your ears, where the ear loops tend to rub. Make sure to use a cleanser for sensitive skin and blemishes, like the Somebymi Red Diamond Brightening Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask.

Having washed your face, apply the moisturiser and allow it to dry so that the skin absorbs all the nutrients it has to offer.

Hydration with an FFP2 mask

FFP2 masks are thicker and harder. They are designed for people who are likely to be in contact with many people and can also be used for 8 hours.

As this is a less lightweight material, it causes chafing and irritation around the eyes and cheekbones.

The more sensitive the area beneath your eyes is, the more it needs extra protection, meaning it is important that you moisturise it intensely to fortify the area. You can find these benefits in CeraVe Eye Repair Cream.

Of course, hydrating the rest of your face will be essential in keeping your skin healthy and blemish-free.

Hydration with a cloth face mask

Cloth face masks are great not only for staying fashionable, but also for any situation in which you are not surrounded by a multitude of people, for example if you go for a stroll or are having a drink on a terrace.

This material is much less aggressive, meaning it is much more respectful of your skin, therefore cleaning and hydrating your face being enough.

It is also important that you wash these face masks carefully to keep the material smooth.

Moisturising cream for face masks

As we have seen, protecting your skin’s protective barrier is important. By doing so, you can keep your skin prepared to combat irritation and avoid your skin becoming dehydrated. We have a range of moisturizers that will do just the job:

First, the  CeraVe facial moisturising lotion. Containing three essential ceramides, it is capable of restoring your skin’s protective barrier, thanks to its patented MVE® technology. The technology is capable of gradually hydrating your skin to offer a much longer lasting effect. One added benefit, especially looking ahead to summer, offered by the  CeraVe facial moisturising lotion is that it comes with SPF, and as it is non-comedogenic, it prevents perspiration creating a breeding ground for spots and other blemishes.

Another essential cream for hydrating irritated skin caused by face masks is Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream. Its secret weapon is sphingolipid, a patented ingredient that combats dryness in the skin from the source. How? Thanks to this ingredient, the skin starts producing its own lipids again, solely rebuilding the natural barrier needed to prevent the loss of hydration. Thus, this moisturising cream for face masks helps to soothe the feeling of itching, stinging and dryness caused by this accessory.

When your skin is more sensitive than normal or when the friction caused by wearing a face mask is more intense, you need an ultra-protective product, which is why we recommend Medix 5.5 Hyaluronic + Bulgarian Rose Moisturizer. Although it has been designed for sensitive skin that requires hydration to soothe itchiness, tautness and other skin irritations, it is also highly effective for faces that suffer from sensitivity on account of outside factors.

With this in mind, this is our third moisturising cream for face masks. We recommend it, in particular, for people who experience high levels of irritation on their face or who are required to use face masks for prolonged periods of time. Its formula contains vitamin B3, which soothes and prevents redness, in addition to Vichy mineral water, which helps to conserve hydration in the skin.

In conclusion, hydrating your skin having first washed it every morning and every night is so important. Washing your skin will help it to absorb the products you apply and prevent blemishes from appearing. Following a proper face care routine, you won’t need to worry about the irritation caused by having to wear a face mask.

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