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by Nectar Beauty 06 May 2024

Facial cleansing forms part of our daily routine, but you can’t use just anything to clean your skin. Here are three things you perhaps didn’t know about this daily action. Keep reading!

Micellar solution, gel, milk, wipes. The offer of comprehensive facial cleansing is indefinite/forever. The product(s) that we choose will depend on our skin’s needs, so it’s essential to find out your skin type in order to choose the correct products.

However, there is lots of confusing information about washing your skin. Next, we’ll tell you 

3 things you might not know/have known about skincare and hygiene

  1. People with oily skin CAN use cleansing milks and exfoliants: if a cleansing milk has been tested as “non-comedogenic”, it will not favour the appearance of spots. But it is true that each person’s skin will prefer a specific texture. The most popular are those that are rinsed off with water, such as gels and foams, which provide a feeling of cleanness and freshness. It’s important that they don’t contain irritating surfactants that can cause a rebound effect. What’s more, people with oily skin can use “physical exfoliants” once a week to leave skin softer and smoother, as well as helping to increase the efficiency of treatment creams. It’s important that the exfoliant is designed to carry away dead skin efficiently, but not aggressively.
  2. If you have sensitive skin, stay away from alcohol and tap water: tonics, cleansing waters, etc, containing alcohol effectively restrict oily skin as they bring freshness and lightness to the solution. Even on oily skin, the amount of alcohol should be kept to a minimum. For other skin types, alcohol-based tonics are not normally recommended and of course for sensitive skin or skin with a particular problem only calming, alcohol-free tonics or thermal spring water should be used The same occurs with tap water. Its high calcium content dries and weakens the skin.
  3. Cleansing wipes can dry out the skin: they generally don’t contain many cleansing ingredients, meaning that the cleansing may not be very thorough. They tend to contain lots of preservatives, given that once they are opened they have more contact with the external environment. What’s more, you have to rub more than when using a product applied by hand or with a cotton pad, meaning that not everyone’s skin can handle them, especially the more sensitive. They are recommended for occasional use and a quick option.
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