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Hand cream to be applied after hand sanitisers

by Nectar Beauty 03 May 2024

How often do you apply hand sanitiser currently? Three or four times a day? What if you go shopping and pop into several different shops? On account of the pandemic and with a view to stopping infection rates, washing our hands and using hand sanitiser became a mandatory practice in our daily lives. What we almost never bear in mind is that using hand sanitiser should go hand in hand with using hand cream.

You’ll have noticed that your skin is drier and much more irritated, right? Your skin is probably feeling more taut, red in places like the knuckles, and even cracked or showing signs of small wounds in extreme cases. That is because the main ingredient in hand sanitisers is alcohol which, as you’ll be aware, it dries out your hands. And not just that! As we're constantly using this type of product in our daily hand hygiene, our hands are becoming irritated to the point at which they are feeling itchy and swollen.

That doesn’t mean to say you should stop using hand sanitiser, on the contrary! It is the perfect way to keep your hands clean when you are on the go. However, once you are somewhere with access to soap and water, choose this more traditional method, since it cares much more for your skin and, more importantly, is more effective when it comes to hand hygiene. And, last but not least, always finish off with a good hand cream.

Hand cream

Hand care is very important when it comes to restoring your skin to a good condition, particularly if you want avoid your skin feeling even more dehydrated. However, before you rush to buy a hand cream that looks like it will improve your skin, take a look at the ingredients to make sure you don’t fall into a trap that will end up harming the health of your skin

If you ask us, the best option will always be to choose a cream that doesn’t contain some of the ingredients that are more commonly seen in the cosmetics industry that can harm your skin like: petrolatum and petroleum derivatives. Some ingredients you’ll find on this list include petrolatum, paraffin, mineral oil and paraffinum liquidum. Sound familiar? They all cover your skin, forming a plastic film that, on the outside looks like it is hydrating your skin. It’ll feel much softer and you’ll get the impression that you’re giving your skin just what it needs, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. Because petroleum derivatives act as a buffer and prevent your skin from breathing or eliminating toxins.

Therefore, your dry hands will become even drier as they suffer the effects of severe dehydration. And what’s worse: they create an addiction to these products that are very harmful to your skin. Thus, we strongly recommend hand creams that really respect your skin and satisfy its needs, particularly when you need it the most. Because combating the dryness caused by hand sanitisers requires a formula that offers deep hydration while protecting your skin’s natural barrier. Pielor Hand & Body Cream Jasmine Serenity is the perfect solution that we recommend for your daily hand care routine. 

Firstly, because it contains 10 essential oils, vitamin C and ceramides that strengthen and protect the barrier in your skin. As a result, not only does it repair the damage done, it protects against any possible future damage. Furthermore, vitamin C has an excellent antioxidant capacity, which translates to nourished skin in addition to offering both your skin and nails a younger appearance. One more thing! Particularly in the summer months, its sun protection factor prevents UV rays and solar radiation from ageing or causing deep damage to your skin… Undoubtedly an extra benefit that your hands deserve, wouldn’t you say?

Bearing all this in mind, we hope that keeping a hand cream on you at all times becomes a routine. Remember to apply it whenever your skin is in need!

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