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How much hair grows and how to care for it

by Nectar Beauty 03 May 2024

Have you thought your hair is looking long and asked how much hair grows? Knowing how fast hair grows is almost a mystery. We've all dyed our hair at one time or another and after a week noticed that our roots are showing or cut your hair really short and noticed that it has grown back quickly.

In reality, how fast your hair grows varies depending on several internal and external factors. That’s why you’ll sometimes think it has grown really quickly, while others, you’ll be left feeling it has stayed the same length for months on end. That’s normal when you consider that your tips often dry out, your hair breaks and even falls out at certain times of the year.

What we can say for sure is that there are different stages of hair growth: the anagen phase, which corresponds to the life cycle of the hair follicle, that ranges between 6 and 8 years. After this time, hair falls out and a new root is formed. The catagen phase corresponds to the end of the production of hair cells, i.e., when the hair follicle dies. These phases are simultaneous, which is why we lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day. The telogen phase encompasses the time between the hair falls out and a new follicle is formed. This process lasts between 1 and 4 months.

Although these phases are common to all people, other factors can affect the pace at which hair grows. Hormones, age, lifestyle, genetics and season of the year all make calculating the pace at which hair grows so complicated.

So, how much does hair grow in a month?

There is no accurate figure, although it is believed to grow between 1 and 1.5 cm a month. Doesn’t sound like much? Just think how much it has grown during lockdown. By the end of the year, your hair will be 15 cm longer, although for this to be the case you need to take care with split, dry ends as this can contribute to hair breaking and affecting the pace of growth. Cutting your tips will not make your hair grow faster either, that is a myth! It does help keep split ends under control though. You can also use a damaged hair ends serum so that you don’t have to keep cutting your hair often.

Is there any treatment to help hair grow faster?

We know that you’re here because you want to increase the pace and quality of hair growth, which is why we have prepared a few tips to help grow your hair out. But beware! There is no miracle cure, just persistence, good habits and knowing which products to choose. So, let’s get started!

Take care with your diet

Now that you know how fast hair growths, you’ll want to make sure every centimetre of hair that grows is healthy. That means taking care of your diet. Get enough vitamin C, omega 3, fatty acids, calcium and magnesium. Green vegetables are your greatest allies, in addition to citrus fruits, nuts and dairy.

Scissors? Your biggest allies!

Although it sounds like a bit of a contradiction, to help your hair to grow you need to trim it regularly. Cut your tips every 2 to 3 months to keep your hair healthy.

Always choose sulphate-free shampoos

They help to remove dirt without weakening the fatty layer that protects your scalp. In short, this helps your hair to grow healthy and strong, without neglecting your scalp.

Exfoliate your hair regularly

The quality of your scalp is essential when it comes to determining how fast your hair grows. If you keep it clean and hydrated, hair growth will be better. That’s why we recommend you wash your hair with an exfoliant once a week.

Keep hydrated using essential oils

In addition to conditioner, your hair needs to be bathed in essential oils that provide nutrients and intense hydration. Once a week, apply it for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water, washing your hair with your normal shampoo and conditioner.

Take care when brushing!

Start at the tips and move closer to your scalp slowly, taking care to avoid breaking strands.

Rinse with cold water

This age-old trick remains true no matter how much time passes. When finishing your shower rinsing your hair with cold water, you stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and the supply of nutrients to the hair. This foolproof trick means you’ll never caught saying “my hair doesn’t grow” again.

Now that you know how fast your hair grows, you can control the progress you make stringently and when applying our tips, ensure that you make the most of every centimetre your hair grows.

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