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Have you heard about maskne? Let us tell you all about the new acne

by Nectar Beauty 03 May 2024

Prevent the appearance of mask induced maskne

The return of semi-normal life has entailed a wide range of unknowns, such as maskne. Never heard of it? Are you suffering from this new form of acne? Let us tell you all about this new skin problem and the best way to overcome it. So, if you are fighting it or just want to prevent it, you've come to the right place.

Causes of maskne 

This is a type of mask induced acne, but what causes it? It is caused by the constant chafing of face masks against your face’s skin, which is gradually torn free, but at a microscopic level. The result? It weakens your skin’s natural barrier, allowing bacteria and dirt to get inside. 

As face masks create a warm and humid environment around your mouth, bacteria and dirt that have penetrated your skin gradually to block the pores. And not just that! This microclimate allows bacteria to proliferate in such a way that your skin becomes irritated. What’s more, oil and sweat build up in this area. This makes it impossible to prevent the appearance of spots, blackheads or marks.

The use of synthetic or plastified face masks only serves to increase irritation and the appearance of maskne. Watch out! These materials further prevent perspiration and your skin becomes even more irritated. That’s why you should look for cotton masks, particularly if you have sensitive skin. The lighter the material, the more your skin will be able to breathe. That’s right! Remember that you should only use pre-approved masks for appropriate protection.

Tips to prevent or eliminate maskne

And now, the million dollar question: How can you prevent maskne? Like we were saying, it’s not an impossible mission! In fact, the solution is more simple than you think, and it always has been. Remember the daily face care routine we were talking about? Well, it is your best ally in preventing the appearance of this type of acne. Although we have a few tips for you to bear in mind to adapt it to this new challenge: preventing the appearance of mask induced acne.

As has always been the case, the first step is to clean your face. Washing your face helps to remove excess grease, the grease that builds up around your mouth after you use a face mask. Use a soap that is suited to your skin type or try one suited to sensitive skin if the area seems irritated.

Once everything is clean, taking care with skin hydration is really important. As things stand, your skin really needs to enhance its protective barrier, which is where moisturising cream comes into play. Our recommendation is that you choose a light moisturiser that doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy; rather, it keeps bacteria at bay. And we have one tip for you if you really want to help your skin absorb the moisturiser: exfoliate your skin smoothly to remove the layer of dead cells that covers your face to facilitate the penetration of the moisturiser. 

To round off, a reminder that the best make-up for preventing maskne is no make-up at all. It’s that simple! Given the environmental conditions created by face masks around your mouth and chin, make-up increases the production of oil and blocks your pores. Which means that choosing not to use make-up is the smartest way to protect your skin.

However, we’re more than aware that it is often inevitable of that you like to see yourself with no make-up on. If that sounds like you, we recommend that you choose very light formulations that allow your skin to breath and, most importantly, that they are non-comedogenic. original face mask range has fluid foundations that help to hide blemishes without adding extra oil to your skin. And it goes without saying that they will leave no residues in your pores and will allow your skin to breath.

Now that you know all about maskne, it’s time to choose the right make-up to adapt to these new conditions and adjust your face care routine to keep your skin protected, hydrated and free from blemishes. And remember! Cleaning your face in the morning is just as important as at night, and when you combine the two… your face will really be able to tell the difference.
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