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How to make your hair healthy, without having to chop it off

by Nectar Beauty 03 May 2024

Thinking about how to restore your hair to health after lockdown without having to chop it off? Cutting your hair is one of those indulgences that we give ourselves every so often, despite worrying about them chopping too much off, that you won’t like your new look or convincing yourself that your hair still doesn’t need it. Wrong!

Although we’ve already dismantled the myth that hair grows faster the more regularly that you cut it, getting a haircut several times a year is a very good idea, as you can maintain its shape and keep tips healthy. What’s more, restoring damaged hair to full health at the start of each season is important, in particular just before and just after summer, which is when your hair suffers the most. Of course, after so many weeks in lockdown, now is the perfect time to book one in.

Hair grows one centimetre per month on average, meaning that getting it in check, say, every two months, is possible without affecting its length. However, we have more tips for you to keep your hair healthy without having to say goodbye to your long, smooth and silky locks.

How to make your hair healthy in preparation for summer

The main worry is that they’re going to take too much off, which is why we want to focus on keeping your hair healthy without cutting too much off.

For starters, you don’t always have to change your look, just take it back to basics: keep your hair in shape. Hair doesn’t grow uniformly, and the stresses of daily life take their toll on specific areas: tight hairstyles, like plaits or ponytails, brushing, can affect your hairstyle and affect its uniformity. With a few hair care tips for exercising you can prevent damage, but by taking off a couple of centimetres, your hairdresser can restore your hairstyle and give it the movement it needs.

But keeping it in shape shouldn’t be the only reason for you getting a haircut. Cutting your tips is important if you want to keep your hair looking healthy That’s because, although you might not believe it, hair is affected by your diet and your lifestyle, which changes a lot in summer and this affects your perfect locks. Exposure to the sun, the pool, the beach or pollution means that fibres are subject to ageing, making them weaker and causing them to break. Not to mention the impact of hair straighteners or hair dryers. These are the factors that most damage your hair, and this is particularly true at the tips. That’s why getting a haircut every so often will help to keep your hair looking healthy.

Caring for coloured hair

If you have coloured your hair and found yourself asking how to keep it healthy, especially just before and just after summer, it couldn’t be simpler. As you’ll be aware, if you do not use the right products for coloured hair or keratin treatment, you can lose your colour quickly, and it will look dimmer, losing its shine. The sun has this effect on coloured hair, which is why you need to take extra care during the summer months. That’s why we recommend trimming your tips when the sun starts getting stronger. That’s right! If your roots are showing, which would be normal after lockdown, dying your hair would be the best way of recovering your favourite colour.

How to help your hair to grow healthily

To round off, one good way of giving your hair a helping hand to grow strong and healthy is exfoliation. Hair exfoliants deep clean your scalp and eliminate toxins and impurities. As they leave your hair cleaner and more oxygenated, helping it to grow faster and stronger. So, if you were wondering how to make your hair healthy without chopping it off, now you have all the information you need to make sure that it grows healthily from the get-go.

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