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Learn how to care for your hair while exercising

by Nectar Beauty 03 May 2024

Do you practice sport on a daily or very frequent basis? Then you’ve probably asked yourself how to care for your hair while exercising, right? That’s totally normal, as it is one of the aspects that most suffers when we participate in sport regularly and knowing how to care for it, without compromising its natural beauty, is very important. But beware! This doesn’t mean that sport is a bad thing, or that you can use this as an excuse for not getting up and moving... Nice try! Luckily, we have a list of simple hair care practices for you to help keep your hair looking healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Grab a pencil and start putting these tips into practice, there’s no time to lose!

How to care for your hair while playing sport

One thing that you need to keep in mind if you participate in sport, is that taking care of your hair before you get active is just as important as what you do afterwards. You might often think that by simply applying a few products when you wash your hair and a few other habits will keep your hair looking healthy; but properly preparing yourself for physical exercise will help to keep your hair in good shape.

Step 1: Protect your hair fibres. When participating in certain sports, particularly those that involve cardio, you are likely to perspire a lot, and this dries out your hair. Therefore, applying oil to inject extra hydration into your locks comes highly recommended. This will protect your hair against perspiration, in addition to making it easier to untangle your hair afterwards, etc.

Step 2: Use the right hairstyle. It might seem like nonsense, but one of the most important aspects about how to care for your hair when you exercise is the hairstyle you choose. You’ll probably think that a plait or ponytail is most comfortable. But think about just how tight you tie them; if you are too harsh, your scalp will suffer more.

Step 3: If you swim, take care with chlorine. You will probably already be aware, but it’s never a bad idea to remember just how harmful chlorine is on your hair. It dries it out and damages it, in particularly if you have dyed your hair (you might see some interesting changes in colour, for example). Additionally, using accessories at the pool, like a latex cap, break your hair fibres and damage your tips. Never fear, we have the solution! Use a good, nutritional oil and apply it before diving in. This will help to prevent dehydration and help you put your cap on without damaging your hair.

How to care for your hair after exercising

Now you know how to care for your hair while exercising, but what about afterwards? There is also a series of steps and tips that will help you keep your hair in enviable shape all year round, to match the toned body that all that sport has helped you gain.

Tip 1. Wash your hair every day, whenever you need to. That means to say you should wash your hair whenever it is dirty, without worrying about damaging it or making it falling out because you are washing it every day. Although you do need to use a toxin-free shampoo (free from sulphates, silicones, parabens and alcohols). You’ll thank us in the long run!

Tip 2. Don’t use your hair dryer or straightener too much. Now this is something you’ll have heard before: too much heat and direct contact with your hair damages it. It’s normal for you to want your hair looking perfect, which is why there is no problem in you using them now and again, but this shouldn’t be a daily habit. And if you can’t avoid the temptation, then make sure you have some form of heat protection for your hair on hand.

Tip 3. Cold water is your friend. Don’t you forget it! As is the case of hair straighteners or dryers, hot water also damages your hair fibres. Therefore, our manual for caring for your hair while exercising places real emphasis on this aspect. A cold shower will help to keep your hair tissue strong and healthy, close your hair cuticles and add a little extra shine that you won’t obtain anywhere else.

Tip 4. Dry shampoo, but only when necessary. The cosmetics industry may have evolved to offer wonderful dry shampoos that are beneficial for your hair. However, nothing can disguise the fact that they consist of a layer of dust deposited on your scalp, preventing it from breathing. If your scalp doesn’t receive enough oxygen, your hair will start to suffer, and this may result in hair loss. Of course, this is a long-term effect, but it’s best not to acquire unhealthy habits.

Tip 5. Get some air in your hair! To conclude our guide on caring for your hair while exercising, we have one age-old tip: let your hair dry by itself. It’s that simple! This helps you avoid heat sources that can be damaging to your hair and by leaving it loose to dry by itself, it is easier to untangle it and avoid breaking fibres or splitting ends.
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