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by Nectar Beauty 05 May 2024

We all love the sun, but it also has its drawbacks. Our main worry? Blemishes caused by exposure to the sun. Time to say goodbye to being worried when you are sunbathing! Let us tell you all about how to prevent and treat blemishes to keep your skin looking tanned and radiant. 

The appearance of blemishes is a primary concern when we sunbathe. They tend to appear due to the excessive appearance of melanin and sometimes, even when we apply sunscreen, they are inevitable. The good news is that we have just the perfect product to add to your skincare routine for getting rid of blemishes: Somebymi AHA 10 % Amino Peeling Ampoule.

They are a veritable anti-blemish super-dose! These night-time peeling ampoules are perfect for depigmenting your skin. Find out more about their ingredients, how to use them and their effects from the very first time you apply them.

Why use anti-blemish ampoules?

As summer draws to a close, having a good anti-blemish routine is essential for stopping the sun from leaving your skin discoloured. In addition to skin care and hydration, it’s important that you keep a depigmenting product on hand. 

Somebymi AHA 10 % Amino Peeling ampoules are the perfect ally for eliminating any trace of the sun from your skin. This cocktail of depigmenting ingredients helps to reduce blemishes, homogenise tone and improve the texture of your skin. And all of this thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients. This is not just any old ampoule; it is a veritable anti-blemish missile!

The ingredients in Somebymi AHA 10 % Amino Peeling Ampoule

Vichy laboratories has created a highly concentrated formula in a serum to combat the appearance of hyperpigmentation in the skin, improving the tone, uniformity and refining the texture of your skin. This combination of six powerful ingredients in a minimalistic formula, guarantees its effectiveness and tolerance in even the most sensitive skins. It’s main ingredients?

  • 10% glycolic acid complex (4% glycolic acid, 1% citric acid 5% HEPES): a powerful cocktail of highly concentrated depigmenting active ingredients to break up and reduce blemishes.
  • Pure vitamin C: setting the benchmark when it comes to antioxidants to illuminate and homogenise your face’s tone.
  • Hyaluronic acid: naturally found in our bodies, it fills wrinkles and keeps the skin hydrated all day long. 
  • Vichy mineralised water: this volcanic water from Vichy (France) reinforces the barrier in our skin, protecting it.

Benefits of night-time peeling ampoules

Somebymi AHA 10 % Amino Peeling Ampoule are so powerful that you’ll notice the benefits it offers from the very first time it is applied.

  • They reduce the intensity of blemishes on the face and chest by 38%
  • They reduce acne scars by 63% 
  • They improve tone uniformity by 35%
  • They make skin 53% smoother

What’s more, they are perfume-free, don’t leave a greasy sensation and are suitable for sensitive skin. They respect the environment! All their contents can be recycled: the cardboard package, the glass ampoule and the cap made from recycled materials. What’s best? They really work! Their potent formula is minimalistic and achieves a perfect anti-blemish effect.

How to use anti-blemish ampoules

Including these ampoules in your daily route couldn’t be simpler. What’s more, each ampoule can be used twice. That's right. Just apply half an ampoule per day; thanks to their completely airtight packaging and cap included in the box, you can save the other half for the following day without the ingredients being affected.

  1. Cleanse your face using your normal face care products.
  2. Apply a pre-serum, like Mineral 89, which is more tolerant of the ampoule and enhances the results offered.
  3. Carefully break the ampoule using the plastic dosing unit. Place the dosing unit inside the ampoule and apply just half of it. Spread across your entire face using your fingers. See for yourself that it leaves no oily sensation and it absorbs quickly.
  4. Complete your routine using your normal moisturiser. As a night-time peeling ampoule, you should use it just before bedtime. But remember: the following morning you need to use sunscreen! Try Capital Soleil Anti-Blemish 3-in-1 by Vichy. This powerful sunscreen, when combined with the ampoules, will help to reduce blemishes.
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