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The benefits of make-up with moisturiser on your face

by Nectar Beauty 05 May 2024

Heat, air conditioning, artificial heating, face masks, pollution. All these factors make using moisturizer one of the most important steps in your daily face care routine; but what about make-up that already contains moisturizer?

The need to be practical and make our daily lives easier and due to time constraints has resulted in us discovering new formulas for keeping our skin as hydrated as possible. Thanks to the use of moisturizer, our skin conserves (as its name would indicate) moisture and hydration, keeping it flexible, luminous, healthy and younger for longer. For all these reasons, a moisturizing foundation is an increasingly more popular solution, as it provides all the benefits of moisturizer while leaving you with a uniform tone and perfect look.

Today, we’re going to summarize the benefits of moisturising your face and, at the same time, using make-up that contains moisturiser. Keep reading!

Why should you use make-up with moisturiser on a daily basis

Both moisturiser and moisturising foundations provide your face with so many benefits that you really need. That’s why we have provided you with five reasons for including them in your daily beauty routine and for never overlooking them again.

As the name suggests, they retain the moisture in your skin

The composition of these products creates a protective film over your skin, maintaining the hydration at lower layers and preventing it from evaporating through your pores. This means that both make-up ad moisturiser maintains the hydration in your skin 24 hours a day.

Delays the appearance of wrinkles

One of the main benefits of make-up with moisturiser is that in addition to helping to make your skin look perfect every day, it delays the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its high hydrating content. Expression wrinkles appear, due to the lack of hydration in your skin. Reinforcing this aspect will help to prevent them appearing at earlier ages and help you to stay looking young for longer.

Your skin will take much longer to age

As a result of the above, your skin maintains high levels of hydration for much longer, thus helping you to stay looking young for longer.

Helps to correct dry skin

It’s not all about prevention. Moisturiser provides your skin with the hydration it may have lost, due to outside factors like the sun, changes in temperature, the use of strong cosmetics and a long list of other potential causes. Furthermore, it reinforces the natural barrier of your skin, helping to keep it healthy even when irritating agents are at play. This is important, particularly under current conditions, when we are required to use face masks, which can cause your skin discomfort.

Protect your skin against free radicals

Both moisturizing foundations and moisturizers themselves reduce the adverse effect of free radicals on your skin. This helps to prevent ageing and the loss of luminosity in your face.

Still not sure which moisturizing foundation to use? We recommend the Mineral Blend hydrating foundation. Why? For starters, it has a very light, water-based texture, perfect for summer days when you are looking for more fluid products that allow your skin to breathe. What’s more, the mineralising thermal water and the hyaluronic acid keep your face hydrated and looking strong all day long. The result is a perfect, unified look for 16 hours, as the make-up blends perfectly with your skin, while allowing it to breathe.

Now you know if you want to keep your skin looking perfect, hydrated and protected, this is the solution!

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