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The reasons for having a daily facecare routine

by Nectar Beauty 05 May 2024

What is the first thing you do when you get up and the last thing you do at night? Do you have a daily face care routine? If you want to keep your skin looking pristine, healthy, and young, you need to make skincare one of your daily priorities every day.

Your skin likes nothing more than being pampered, and the nutrients that you can offer it come with different cosmetic products. In addition to keep it free from impurities and help it be radiant is to let skin regenerate by itself every night just like it should. That’s why it’s time that for you to start making face care routine part of your everyday life, especially at night (when it's eternally overlooked).

Daily face care routine: 7 steps for transforming your skin

The first step is to decide how you want to pamper your face. Then you need to make these face care routines part of your everyday life to start seeing results. Set aside a bit of time just for you, when you can relax at the start or end of the day.

First, remove your make-up.

From now on, you’ll never wake up with last night’s make-up still on, so this first step will only form part of your nighttime facecare routine. To remove your make-up, use a hydrating micellar water to get rid of all that make-up and dirt that has been deposited on your skin during the day. This step is more important than you think; removing the bigger particles, in addition to any residues of sweat or pollution, prevents them from accumulating in your pores and converting into blackheads.

Once you have removed all your make-up, it’s time to wash your face

Make sure that you choose a soap that is suited to your skin type. Facial cleaners for dry skins offer more hydration, whereas cleansers for oily skin deep clean your skin and remove any excess grease. If you have sensitive skin, choose a facial cleanser that has softer components that help to soothe the symptoms of irritation. In any case, what is important is that you use warm water, making circular movements on your face and neck, without rubbing the skin too stubbornly.

Third step, tonic

This step isn’t mandatory, but it makes the difference, especially if you have very visible pores as it helps to close them up. Tonic’s mission is to serve as an extra step during the cleansing routine, as it removes toxins and dirt particles that have become attached to the skin. You’ll be able to note how your skin feels soothed and fresh. Ready for the next step!

Now it’s time for the serum

No face care routine is complete without a serum. These cosmetic products are very specific, and you should choose them based on the needs of your skin. Looking for a deep clean? Need to ease the first signs of wrinkles or lines? Would you prefer a smooth peeling to remove the layer of dead cells and prevent the appearance of acne? This all depends on the serum you choose. Once you have made your mind up, apply it all over your face, massaging in gently. Circular movements on your skin will help to activate blood circulation; this, in turn, increases the oxygen in your skin, making it appear healthier. 

To round off, moisturiser

All face care routines must finish up with moisturiser. Whether during the daytime or at night, this helps to keep your skin hydrated, as it serves as a barrier that prevents hydration from escaping, while releasing hydrating particles that your skin absorbs over the course of several hours. As part of your daily routine, we recommend that you use sunscreen, as this will help prevent the harm caused by UV rays on your skin.

Ready to go! The time has come for you to nourish your skin; remember that it is only by caring for your skin today that you’ll see the results you desire tomorrow. And never forget: your skin has a memory!

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