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Why are our hands drier now than they used to be?

by Nectar Beauty 05 May 2024

As you’ll be aware, hand sanitizing gel has become part of your daily life and  suddenly, your hands are drier than ever. It’s totally normal, when you consider that you apply this water-alcohol solution several times a day, for example, when you visit different establishments or when you have a busier day that forces you out of the house. A very necessary consequence, given the importance of using hand sanitizing gel to prevent infection in today's circumstances. Of course, nobody warned you that your hands would be drier and that you’d need to look for solutions to combat this symptom.

It’s totally normal for your hands to feel drier, the skin tauter and irritated. You’ll probably see spots that are redder, around the knuckles, extreme dryness or even cracking of the skin. In these cases, taking great care is vital, as cracks in the skin can become infected by bacteria and generate bigger wounds.

On account of the alcohol that hand sanitizers contain, our hands become dry and, what’s worse, if we use them very frequently, we can suffer more serious consequences, like itchiness and swelling in the skin. So, wouldn’t it be preferable to stop using hand sanitiser? The answer is NO: it is a really useful aid when we're outside and want to keep our hands clean., Not only it protect you, it protects others too.

There are two main habits that can help to combat this feeling of dry hands that can cause such great discomfort in our daily lives. Firstly, washing your hands with moisturising soap and water as soon as you get home. In terms of hand hygiene, it is about as effective, but it cares much more for your skin. The second habit is always keeping a hand cream with you to nourish your skin with the same frequency that you disinfect it, to maintain a balance that does not affect your skin’s health.

A reparative cream to alleviate and strengthen your dry hands

If you have dry hands, you now know what is causing them: regularly using hand sanitiser. As we’ve established that you shouldn’t stop using it, we need to look for an option that allows you to combine hand hygiene and hydration. And we have just the solution for you: Cerave reparative hand cream.

This cream will help to rehydrate your hands in two different ways. From the first time you apply it, you’ll be able to note its effectiveness. Firstly, this hand cream uses MVE technology, which consists of gradually releasing hydrating agents. What does this mean? Well, that the hydration offered will last all day for long-lasting protection. Secondly, its formula consists of three ceramides that are responsible for enhancing your skin’s protective barrier. This way, not only does it help to repair existing wounds and irritation, but it strengthens your skin, making it more resistant for the future. 

The best thing about this cream is that, as it is recommended for very dry and patchy skin, it is  very useful if the use of hand sanitiser has dried out your hands. It comes highly recommended for sensitive or irritated skin, since its perfume-free. In short, the perfect option to complement your use of hand sanitiser and prevent your hands becoming dehydrated. What are you waiting for? Get yours now, you’ll be thankful you did!

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